Professional Services

Professional IT solution from dynexo Gmbh helps your Company, specific challenges through a dedicated project to master, such as Legs Cloud.

Security Operations

Digitization holds many potentials and advantages for Your business. However, it also creates new ways of working, new gateways for cyber attackers.

Software Development

Because our software development services cover the entire Software delivery lifecycle include, including Business analysis and IT consulting.

Data Intelligence

Innovations in companies are ahead today one thing above all: data-based. The ones for that necessary data can thanks to the digital Transformation.


The spirit of our company culture mirrors how we treat our customers. We are convinced, that the best hackers stand out by their creativity, resourcefulness and experience.

We value our employees as individuals, genuinely care about knowing their stories, and strive to make DISION a fun and rewarding place to work, as we believe happy people working together can achieve greatness.

Our Partners

Together with our strong technology and eco partners, we deliver great solutions. Working closely together, we maximize performance for our customers and deliver everything from a single source as a digital partner.

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