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We are an information technology company with a clear focus on IT related services


Helpdesk for IT related demands, dedicated and shared, during business hours, arround the clock, on 365 days per year


Professional support for network services and infrastructures, service provider plattforms, data centers, and cloud architectures

Managed Services

Managed services for communication solutions including communication plattforms, network services, applications, and server infrastruktures

Software Development

Sofware development with strong focus on data security, data encryption, data communication, network services, and maschine learning

Data Communication

Advanced data communication services based on state-of-the-art approaches for connectivity, communication topologies, and software-defined services


Automatisation of IT process, applications, and interfaces, by KPI (classic) and maschine learning (AI/ML) based approaches

software and Systems Analysis

Classic fault analysis, and analyis of platforms, applications, and soltuions, with strong focus on data communication and IT security

Application Design

Design and implementation of interfaces for applications and services, from clientless to fat-client applications